Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Missing Certain Foods

        Oh how I get cravings for milk! Good ol cow's milk mmm. Grade A pastuerized homogenized vitamin D cow's milk. Don't get me wrong, I love the flavor of vanilla almond milk, but I live with people that purchase and drink cow's milk. And lots of it. I used to be part of that manargere, but now it's mostly about almond milk. It's hard for me to open the fridge and see that good ol 2% half gallon starin you in the face. And don't get me started on half and half over sweetened crushed granola. And peanut butter flavored milk shakes in the summertime drooool! This has to be kept in moderation.
  I saw an elotero this afternoon. An elotero is a man that sells corn on the cob. Elote is spanish for corn on the cob. The man usually has the corn cobs in a big metal pot, which he puts inside a shopping cart. He fills the pot with hot water (where this water comes from, we do not know). Were the cobs pre-cooked? Did he grow the corn in his backyard? It's not FDA approved, that's for sure!
  You can find him walk the streets of suburban neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles county. He attaches a bike (circus clown) horn to the shopping cart and honks it every few feet. When yo hear him coming down the street, you can wave him down and he will sell you a cob for $1.00 USD. You have the option of having him put on mayonaise (applied with a spatula from an industrial sized Best Foods jar). Also squeeze Parkay and grated parmesean cheese. It comes on a napkin wrapped stick and they are out of this world delicious. I miss them so much. I want to eat 2 or 3 right now. Too many carbs. Too damn many carbs!

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