Sunday, November 26, 2017

I am going to fletch hundreds of thousands of headless arrows and make millions of $$ in the process.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The adventures of Danbridge in Geilinor.

Ok, So I guess I was born and raised in Ashdale. When I Had enough XP, they shipped me to Taverly Docks. I had no armour, no money. Just a few tools. I was weak and hungry. I ran for my life all the way to the GE. I did not stop for anything. When I got to the GE, I chopped the 16 trees and sold the logs. I did that until I had a few thousand gold pieces. Then I bought full bronze armour and a 2H sword and went and paid the cows a visit down South toward Lumbridge.
  When I arrived, I started swinging my sword at the cows. They fought back! Thank goodness I was wearing armour. After about 5 swings, the cows finally died. They left behind meat for me to eat, and hides for me to tan and sell.
 Let's face it, you cannot survive Gielinor without being a warrior first. The monsters on that planet would consume you in very little time. I suggest you get all melee stats up to at least level 50. You wont be considered such a noob anymore.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fear me.

Do you not fear me?
Why is it that you approach me with such a degree of confidence?
Do you not stand in awe of my presence?
Fear me I say!
You should tremble, your knees should buckle. You will fall to your knees and grovel before me. You will beg my forgiveness.
Fear me.

If you have no fear for me, then by all means do bring it. My fists are clenched in a ragestorm that has your name on it. Your blood shall fill the rivers and lakes of your community.
I have spoken.
Fear me.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


She charges me rent and then locks me out of the house.  She keeps my food stamps. I am locked out of the house with no food.  This sucks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Glucose tracking software

There are several different glucose tracking programs on the market today. You can start at the bottom and make your own. Or you can download a printable one off the web. Most glucometers come with a log book. Here are the top GTS programs for 2015:

1. Accu-Chek 360
2. Glucofacts
3. One touch software
4. True Manager
5. Soundtells
6. Sugar Stats

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

OMG now diabetes wants to take away my caffeine!!

What will I have to eliminate from my diet next?

There have been conflicting reports on caffeine and diabetes so we’ll keep the topic live on this article.
For most people regardless of if they have diabetes or not, part of their morning routine is to sit with a nice cup of coffee to start their day. Coffee as we all know contains caffeine which is a stimulant. This is why coffee wakes so many people up in the morning.

Caffeine and Diabetes: What we thought

It was originally thought that caffeine does not affect your blood sugar when it is consumed in moderate amounts. However within the past few years, research has come out showing that caffeine makes diabetes worse. In fact researchers from Duke University Medical Centerdiscovered a strong link between caffeine consumption at mealtimes and higher blood glucose and insulin levels.

Caffeine and Diabetes Study

James D. Lane, PHD did a study and discovered this. He took 10 people who had type 2 diabetes and had them stop drinking coffee. On one morning the patients took pill that contained 250 mg caffeine and then another one at lunch. This equals about 2 cups of coffee at each meal. On some mornings they were given a placebo pill with no caffeine in them. What he saw was that on days where caffeine was consumed, the blood sugar levels were 8% higher than on the days they didn’t have caffeine.

Additional Caffeine Studies

Ironically enough, there have been several studies that show that coffee drinkers, especially heavy coffee drinkers have a lower risk of diabetes. This baffled quiet a number of people. How can coffee both protect against diabetes yet also worsen diabetes? You need to remember that it is not the coffee that does it but rather the caffeine in the coffee that is no good if you have diabetes. In fact some studies are showing that there are other components of coffee, excluding caffeine, which may be beneficial in the long term reduction of diabetes risk. For some reason though, the anti-diabetes compound that many scientists feel are in coffee, they do not offset the harmful effects that come with the caffeine included in coffee. There was a study done where caffeine was put into decaf coffee (the decaff coffee has no effect on blood sugar levels after being drank) and there was still the rise in blood sugar levels after it was consumed.

What Should Diabetics Do?

So what does this mean for you if you suffer from diabetes? Well for starters, you do not have to give up your morning cup of joe, but you should consider switching over to decaf. As said before, coffee itself does have some benefits for diabetics but the risk that comes with the caffeine in regular coffee is not worth the risk. You also need to stop drinking anything that has caffeine in it. This includes many soft drinks. Some diabetics who are able to control their blood sugar levels can tell if they have to high of a level. If you are like this, you probably can continue to drink your regular coffee in moderation. But remember the second you feel your blood sugar level going high, you have to switch to decaf.
It is a hard thing for many people to give up their caffeine, but in the end it is going to help you better manage your diabetes.

Monday, June 8, 2015

My grocery shopping trip

Ok, so I went shopping when I had a sugar craving. I first hit up the vegetables. Bought salads and green leafy veggies. Yum. All was going well.

  Then it happened.

  I turned down the sugar isle without even realizing it. On the left were all kinds of dessert toppings. Carmel sauce. Whipped cream. Sprinkles. Candy. On the right were every type of ice cream you could think of. My eyes were fixated on the Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup.

  Just then, a devil popped up onto my left shoulder. It spoke.

  "Ya know Dan," it started, "if you poured half a jar of caramel syrup and topped it off with whipped topping, that ice cream would put you in a state of nirvana."

 Just then, an angel appeared on my right shoulder. It also spoke.

  "Don't listen to him! He wants to kill you. Get out of this aisle and go find yourself some healthy organic food."

  But the devil retorted: "Organic food is expensive! And bland. It will bore you to death.'

 Angel: "To death is where you will be headed if you eat sugar"
 Devil:  "Lies! And besides, everyone dies eventually. If you eat ice cream tonight, you will not die!"
Angel: "Dan, that ice cream will only make you ----"

  I positioned the tip of my thumb to my middle fingernail. I put it next to the angel and flicked it off my shoulder.
  "Tonight we ride!" I shouted as the devil and I put the ice cream, syrup and whipped topping into the grocery cart.