Saturday, May 17, 2014

Living with fluctuations

  It's not easy to wake up with a GL of 150+. Can't eat breakfast dammit. I gotta exercise.  Ok, so I exercised and got it down to 100. Since my GL seems to be a bit touchy already, I'll have oatmeal with cinnamon and splenda. Cup of coffee too. 1 hour later......293??????? What the hell? It was oatmeal for cryin out loud! More exercise.  
   Ok, I got it down to 150. It's getting hot, and exercise in heat is not good for my diabetes. I'll just drink water till noon. I'll have a nice salad and a glass of 1% milk for lunch. 1 hour later...200!!! Dammit! it was a freekin salad!!! Too hot for exercise. Gotta let the high GL do it's damage. Grrrrrr....
  Waiting until around 6 to eat dinner. I'll have roast chicken with lemon juice, and steamed califlower and broccolli. Iced tea. No starch tonight. 1 hour later...210!!! Grrr I can't win for losing.
   Night time. Oh God, help me. I'm hungry for something sweet!! Ok just 1 glass of amond milk with vanilla and splenda. I don't even want check my Gl it's so frustrating.
   Not all days are like this. Most are good controllable days. But there are some days when my disease fights back. I don't know why. Tommorow will be better.

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