Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Losing friends through diabetes

 Those are the letters I have written on my diabetes case. It stands for "Left foot, right foot, heart attack, death" That is the most common set of diabetic complications for people that will not take care of their diabetes. I have had 2 friends that were over-eaters with diabetes. They never surrendered to the lack of power they had over food, and as a result, I have to visit them at the cemetery. 
  Daniel Von Bargen, the actor who portrayed the character of Mr. Kruger on the hit television series Sienfeild, attempted suicide after learning that he would never work in Hollywood again because he was scheduled to have some toes amputated due to his diabetes. He was 61.
  So yeah, you betcha this is one serious disease. It shortens some life spans. The good news, is that if you take care of it, you can live a bit longer. But once the complications set in, they cannot be reversed. And the older you get, the closer you get to complications.

 This post is in memory of the 2 friends I had that died through LFRFHAD. Rest in peace, the war is over.

Medical Marijuana

  Medical marijuana is quite a popular headline in the news today. Ok, I admit, that back in the 70's when I was in high school, sure, pot was fun to experiment with. But the marijuana of today seems to be 100 times stronger than the stuff I used to smoke back then.
  Every now and then, I'll cave into a food craving and do something stupid like eat corn and mashed potatoes. 1 hour later my BSL is in the 300's and I am being told to go to ER for insulin. But I have found that when I spike up, if I smoke some weed, 1/2 hour later, my BSL is back down to 100. And it stays there. Even when I get the munchies and continue to pig out, it still stays in range.
  Now don't get me wrong, I am not condoning marijuana as any type of alternative for insulin or pills. I have noticed that it works for me. I am not going to smoke marijuana on a daily basis to keep my blood sugar in check. Diet and exercise can do that. But, if for whatever reason I do spike up again, I know that MM can help aleviate the high BSL.

Getting back on track

Ok I made myself a goal. It's almost May 1st, 2014. I have 10 years without a cigarette today!!!

  If I can go 10 years without a cig, I can get my A1C down to < 7.0! I am going to try the low carb high fat way of eating. I shall eliminate all breads and grains and especially corn and potatoes. Milk will have to go too. I am going to miss these foods at first, I know. I will increase meat and vegetable protiens and my fat intake as well, and monitor it all very carefully. I hope I enjoy the taste of almond milk.