Thursday, May 22, 2014

A man and his appetite

      There are many things that feed the male matcho ego. Cars. I could imagine when man first invented the wheel, he must have had one hell of an adrenaline rush over that, because it fed his male matcho ego, and look what the transportation industry had done with it today. That ego evolved!
   I won't go over an entire list of what feeds the male ego for the sake of this blog. I will, however, touch on how food and a large appetite plays on it.
   Men are pigs by nature. It's instinctive for us to eat and eat a lot. The more we can eat, the more matcho we are. There is even a television show I have seen called Man vs. food. That show glamourizes an overeater. We usually get large portions and go back for seconds. The night of the attempted food poisioning of Los Angeles laker basketball Kobe Bryant, he ate a double greasy cheeseburger. I saw a pic of it. It looked yummy and nasty all at the same time. Kobe can whoof those down no problem because he is an athlete. Non diabetic.
  In certain areas of Italy, there is an old fashioned tradition of having a large meal prepared for a new boyfriend that the daughter is excited to introduce to the family. It's a literal banquet of carbohydrates. Speghetti with rich tomato sauce, lasagna with tons of cheese. This is a polite way of accepting the new boyfriend as one of the family. When the mother of the family offers a plate to the new boyfriend of the daughter, it is polite of him to eat it all. And trust me, these mothers pile it on!! Huge bowls of speghetti and huge slices of lasagna. If she offers you seconds, you better take it! That would be rude for the new boyfriend to refuse or say he's full. Very bad for diabetics.
  Anyway, the point of me rambling on about the male and his eating ego, is that I have taken  notice to portion control and carb counting. For lunch today, I got 1 slice of whole grain bread and only 7 and a half ounces of macaroni and cheese. With water. Dammit I am still hungry! Why could I not eat a freekin peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk with that?

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