Thursday, August 17, 2017

The adventures of Danbridge in Geilinor.

Ok, So I guess I was born and raised in Ashdale. When I Had enough XP, they shipped me to Taverly Docks. I had no armour, no money. Just a few tools. I was weak and hungry. I ran for my life all the way to the GE. I did not stop for anything. When I got to the GE, I chopped the 16 trees and sold the logs. I did that until I had a few thousand gold pieces. Then I bought full bronze armour and a 2H sword and went and paid the cows a visit down South toward Lumbridge.
  When I arrived, I started swinging my sword at the cows. They fought back! Thank goodness I was wearing armour. After about 5 swings, the cows finally died. They left behind meat for me to eat, and hides for me to tan and sell.
 Let's face it, you cannot survive Gielinor without being a warrior first. The monsters on that planet would consume you in very little time. I suggest you get all melee stats up to at least level 50. You wont be considered such a noob anymore.