Saturday, May 9, 2015

Which foods are bad for a diabetic to eat?

Some Diabetics both type 1 and 2, can eat which ever foods they want. All diabetics have to practice portion control. Some diabetics are very sensative to high carb/high sugar/high calorie foods such as:

WHITE FOODS*:Whole grain or wheat products along with brown rice is always best for a diabetic lifestyle.
White breads
White flour
White tortillas
White pasta
White rice
White granulated or powered sugar
Whole fat milk
Whole dairy products

VEGETABLES: Leafy, green vegetables grown above the ground are always best for a diabetic lifestyle.
Potatoes (including all variations such as french fries)
Canned vegetables with added sodium or preservatives.
Vegetables with butter or hi calorie sauce

FRUIT: Fresh whole organic fruits are always best for a diabetic lifestyle.
Canned fruit with added sugar/corn syrup/preservatives
Fruit rolls or variations thereof
Jams and Jellies
Fruit drinks

MEATS AND POULTRY: Red lean beef and skinless poultry is best for a diabetic lifestyle.
Fried foods especially fried chicken skin
Higher fat cuts of meat such as ribs, bacon, chorizo, chitlins, ground beef
Beans prepared with bacon grease or lard.

Corn syrup
All chips and variations thereof
High calorie dressings and syrups
Whipped cream and non dairy topping
Frostings and candy toppings
All non diet sugar filled sodas.
All sweetened drinks
All energy drinks
Fast food burgers fries tacos,shakes and desserts etc.
Sweetened condiments including sweet pickles
Sugary coffees from your favorite barrista
Sugary ice creams or popsicles.

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