Saturday, May 9, 2015

A good example of a healthy diabetic eating plan

2 large eggs over easy 6 g carb
1 slice of whole wheat bread, toasted, dry 13 g carb
Coffee, black 0 g carb
Total 19g carb.

Salad with low calorie dressing 5 g carb
1 cup vegetable soup 12g carb
Unsweetened iced tea 0g carb
Total 17g carb

Broiled skinless chicken 0g carb
1 cup broccolli 5g carb
1 half cup mashed potatoes with no gravy 6g carb
1 cup amond milk 8g carb
Total 19g carb

Total grams of carbohydrates for day: 55

Now I know the ADA guidelines say 45 grams a day. But with exercise and good monitoring, you can still live a healthy lifestyle even if you go over a little.

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