Monday, June 8, 2015

My grocery shopping trip

Ok, so I went shopping when I had a sugar craving. I first hit up the vegetables. Bought salads and green leafy veggies. Yum. All was going well.

  Then it happened.

  I turned down the sugar isle without even realizing it. On the left were all kinds of dessert toppings. Carmel sauce. Whipped cream. Sprinkles. Candy. On the right were every type of ice cream you could think of. My eyes were fixated on the Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup.

  Just then, a devil popped up onto my left shoulder. It spoke.

  "Ya know Dan," it started, "if you poured half a jar of caramel syrup and topped it off with whipped topping, that ice cream would put you in a state of nirvana."

 Just then, an angel appeared on my right shoulder. It also spoke.

  "Don't listen to him! He wants to kill you. Get out of this aisle and go find yourself some healthy organic food."

  But the devil retorted: "Organic food is expensive! And bland. It will bore you to death.'

 Angel: "To death is where you will be headed if you eat sugar"
 Devil:  "Lies! And besides, everyone dies eventually. If you eat ice cream tonight, you will not die!"
Angel: "Dan, that ice cream will only make you ----"

  I positioned the tip of my thumb to my middle fingernail. I put it next to the angel and flicked it off my shoulder.
  "Tonight we ride!" I shouted as the devil and I put the ice cream, syrup and whipped topping into the grocery cart.

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